Hyper targeted email leads

We will find the email addresses of the people you want to contact to enrich your email marketing database.

Hand Crafted Leads

We will help you find email addresses with the people that matter to your business.

Email campaigns

We will find business leads to start a cold email marketing campaign. Let us find people in the industry you can work with.

Sales starter kit

We will provide a complete check of the email address and confirm with confidence you are contacting the right people.

Email outreach

We will setup a platform allowing you to manage your email outreach campaign. With drip campaigns and follow up emails we will give you the tools and templates you need to run a successful sales campaign.

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Introduce your business to new prospects via email marketing


There is nothing wrong with using email to introduce yourself and your services to someone who’s never heard of your voice before, as long as you have something of value to offer.

If done selectively and personally, email can be an extremely effective way of initiating a relationship with a customer you really want to work with.

With an email marketing campaign it showcases your creativity, increases your visibility and builds credibility, while also distinguishing you from your competition. Plus, its the best way to drive traffic to your website as it is much more reliable and targeted then that of the search engines.

What prevents many businesses from creating their own email campaign is the time required to create the content each time.

This process doesn’t have to be overwhelming. We can find a template and a formula that works for your business.

Pricing Plans

Start off on the right foot with our business email lead packages

200 Hand Crafted (B2B) Leads

200 custom targeted leads
Help on your outreach emails
Cold email templates
Delivered in Google Sheets

100 Hand Crafted (B2B) Leads

100 custom targeted leads
Help on your outreach emails
Cold email templates
Delivered in Google Sheets

Cold Sales Email Campaign Setup

Discussion of strategy
Design of email templates
Review your email templates
Email campaign Management
Tools and drip campaign setup