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Error Code 0x80242016

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If you have detected the error 0x80242016 then you are in good shape. This error is related to computer registry and can be fixed through a registry cleaner. However, the fact is that the registry is an important part of the system and it has to be handled with care because anything wrong with the registry could very well lead to Nv4_disp.dll error. Registry cleaner is must-have software for the windows system.

Error 0x8024 2016 may crop up due to many reasons such as uncompleted uninstall processes, incorrect removal of software, malware or adware, and outdated drivers. Completing an uninstall process for a program or updating a driver may corrupt the DLL file as well.

How to fix the error 0x80242016

Re-register the DLL file

Error 0x80242016 may crop up if the DLL file is not properly registered. The first thing you may do is to re-register the DLL file. In the Start menu search box, type “cmd” and then right click on “Run as Administrator”. Type C:\Windows\System32\dllre\WUninstall.exe in the command prompt to access the file.

CMD DLL command

Right click on WUninstall.exe and select “Run as Administrator” again to access the command prompt. Enter the following command when at the command prompt: “regsvr32 -u jscript.dll” and then press the Enter key.

Locate the DLL file

The newly downloaded DLL file is not compatible with the version of Windows OS installed on your computer. Since the DLL32.dll file is not compatible, if it is located in the location other than C:\Windows, or is not a Window file, then error 0x8024 2016 will crop up.

Locate the DLL file again

The damaged DLL may not be compatible with the version of Windows OS installed on your computer and this may lead to error 0x8024 2016. The best way to correct the issue is to locate the DLL file and install the version of Windows the computer is running by visiting the Microsoft Download Center. Go to the Start Menu and then select the Windows XP CD and click Next to install the Windows XP version of the OS.

Update device drivers

Outdated or faulty device drivers can cause Windows Error 0x8024 2016. The first step in updating the driver is to go to the websites of the manufacturer of the device and download the latest version.

Once the driver is installed, update it by going to the Device Manager. In the Device Manager go to the Properties tab and then select the Drivers tab. Find the latest drivers and install them by clicking the Update Driver button.

Clean registry

Registry problems may also cause error 0x80242016. The registry is a place where all the settings and information about Windows is stored. It is filled with the programs and hardware installed on the computer and it keeps decreasing as time passes by. Therefore, it is important to clean the registry when it arises.

However, cleaning the registry is not that easy job to do manually because some important files maybe deleted while cleaning the registry. A minor mistake can result in a fatal Windows Error 0x8024 2016. The best way to clean the registry and update all the drivers is to use the registry cleaner.

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