Android Application Development

Google’s Android operating system has gone from a virtually unknown open source solution the current mobile OS leader among all mobile handsets, with over one-half of the market share and still climbing. Android has even started to dominate the tablet OS marketplace. It is also the foundation for popular iTV OS’s known as GoogleTV as well as for e-book readers from Sony, Amazon Kindle.


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Android is our internet 2.0 development weapon of choice because it allows us to develop highly advanced applications, including the primary four consumer electronics product verticals where revenue potential is by far the greatest.

  • Smart phones
  • Tablets
  • e-book e-readers
  • iTV’s or interactive television sets


We work with open source technologies including tools such as OpenGL, ON2 VP8 (WebM and WebP), Java, XML, Eclipse, CSS, HTML5, PNG and JPEG.

We have a fair amount of knowledge on both high level programming languages such as Java and markup languages such as AML. Building useful and engaging new media applications also requires a deep knowledge of related new media technologies such as 2D imaging, 3D rendering, audio processing, video streaming, GPS localization and database design.


iOS Application Development

Many people wonder how to build a simple iOS app from concept to release.

You start with an idea for an app that gets fleshed out into features. From there you start to build the app by progressively building the project from what is essential in the app to a final app that includes all of the features you can find in many popular iOS apps.

The next step is scoping what the app will do, you want your app to be useful but you also need to keep in mind what is realistic. Too many features can make it harder to navigate when the first time users open your app. An overload of features also mean much more development time. Too few features and your app wont be useful.

Finding the balance is the key

Red Cedar understands the fundamentals of iOS programming and how to apply existing development skills within the iOS platform.

We can demonstrate how to build an iOS application from the ground up, including detailed breakdowns of each step in the process, resulting in a completed usable app.