At a minimum our clients have reported a 15% increase in sales for first month. Companies advertising on shopping comparison feeds have seen an increase of approximately 40% of the online business total sales.


Red Cedar provides product feed automation right from your shopping cart for platforms such as Amazon, eBay and over 200+ Shopping comparison channels around the world.

The team at Red Cedar works with your product feed to optimize it for multi-channel management or as some like to call it – Omni-channel marketing.

We will categorize all of your products into the required templates then disseminate each feed into your selected online shopping marketplaces or comparison site.

Once our selected product feed automation tool is setup, you will be able to view a set of analytics tools that help you ensure you are achieving your online sales KPI’s and are gaining the most out of your PPC budget.

Red Cedar can also track how much you are spending on each of your selected shopping channels and decide which products to exclude from your advertising feed over time if they are not converting into sales.


  Fast Integration

We will setup the product feed automation from the products in your store. From here you can start selling on sites like Amazon, eBay, Bonanza, Rakuten,, Trademe, Wish and 200+ e-commerce shopping comparison channels.

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Save money on under performing products

We can see the performance of your products on each shopping comparison site. We will monitor your product ROI and pause products which are not converting from your PPC campaign.

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Launch, sit back and watch profits soar

Once your data feed management is setup, we will take care of your store’s product feed optimization. All of your sales will be synced into your eCommerce dashboard. Watch as your online sales increase dramatically each month.

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How our Product Feed Automation service works


1. Comparison shopping engine or online shopping marketplace data feed creation

We will create a template which will connect your eCommerce store feed to a selected shopping channel. We will optimize your feed to add the correct data, values and specifications from your store.


2. Optimize your shopping feeds and data feed marketing for ROI

We can see the performance of each product on each shopping channel you are advertising on. This enables us to remove the products that are not converting into sales from the feed saving you on your advertising PPC budget. This allows you to put more focus on your highest selling products.


3. We will monitor your comparison shopping engine data feed

We will alert you if anything goes wrong with notifications around the clock.


4. Sync your product data feed with your eCommerce feed software

We will sync product orders into your web stores backend so you can manage all of your online orders in one place. You inventory will always be up to date and you can see the increase in sales flooding your websites dashboard.


Our data feed software works with every shopping cart

We have connected feeds from many shopping carts with the use of XML, TXT, CSV or JSON files.

Download the Omni-Channel PDF

Take a look at how some of the leading companies in North America are using Omini-Channel marketing. (source: