Our unique integrated PPC advertising solutions pair breakthrough strategic advertising insights with customer technology tools, enabling our clients to develop a deeper understanding of their customers and markets.


Components of a successful PPC management company


To achieve optimal results, our company covers all elements of a PPC campaign to make sure it is in working condition and operating together in synergy.

As a full service agency we can monitor all areas of a PPC management pricing to look for ineffective keywords and conversion metrics which can drag down the overall performance of the whole campaign.

We will setup a campaign which structures the consumer funnel through your website to pertain to their specific needs.

With a landing page and targeted pay per click combination your visitors can conclude that they have come to the right place and will take the desired conversion action.


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Conversion Path

A typical example of this is the online shopping process of an e-commerce store. Having decided to buy, the visitor must enter shipping information, credit card numbers and then check out.

Every step of the process introduces the possibility that the visitor will become distracted or confused.

We will focus on your companies analytics statistics and reduce the abandonment rate of your visitors (the number of people who leave the site compared to the number of people who complete the conversion process).

After implementing some of our optimized PPC campaigns we have seen abandonment rates drop from 80% to 30% which is an amazing increase on your ROI.

We like to consider ourselves as a savvy Adwords management services company by testing several messages to find the particular message which provides a higher ROI (return on investment) on your PPC campaigns.


PPC Advertising Reports

One of our biggest strengths in Google pay per click management is that we can create reports which show what exactly is happening with your PPC campaign at any given time. We can provide metrics such as the number of clicks, add impressions, CTR’s, sales and the cost of sales.

It is important for your business to interpret this data in order to understand what it means for your business and determine how your PPC efforts are profitable.

Improving campaigns is our goal and this is dependent on continual testing. This involves split testing, conversion rate optimization, varied copy, banner add design, landing page design and content.


The Art of PPC Marketing

Writing an effective, persuasive ad is crucial to the success of a PPC campaign.

Creating non-text ads for display on the PPC campaign network requires copy writing skills as well as an understanding of how visual images deliver or augment a message which persuade the viewer to take action.

In the hands of a skilled PPC management company an animated banner can speak volumes about the advertisers products, features, benefits and desired actions.

Our company has solid copy writing skills and the graphic design techniques necessary for creating successful PPC advertising.


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Our Responsibility

As an advertiser it is our responsibility to target keywords that are relevant to your products, compose PPC ads that are well written and select high converting keywords that provide a high quality post click experience on your website.

Faster reporting and analysis: Arranging the keyword groups in your account so they are easy to analyze for performance to make improvements. When we run reports for your campaigns, ad groups and keywords, we will look at the data and from our research conclusions which will be specifically more reliable and easier to determine trending factors.

Efficient account management: When your paid search marketing campaign is up and running, we want to be able to make changes quickly and efficiently in order to enhance the accounts performance. We will setup your account so we can make notes and formulate an optimization strategy quickly. We will be diving straight into your account with confidence to both identify exactly what needs to be done and find where your strengths and weaknesses lie.

Better PPC ad copy: We structure your groups tightly to better target your ad copy more clearly. With dynamic keyword insertion and re-marketing existing customers, you will find you have a benefit driven and keyword focused Adwords campaign that is at the crux of a successful PPC account.

We are all in this together

Think about it, people want to trust google to provide the best results. We are here to help them achieve this goal and in turn they will provide your business with better ad positions. We are here to focus on providing high quality advertisements and a great user experience.

Most people take several steps in advance of making a purchase decision, downloading a white paper, trying out software or submitting a form. These steps can take a few minutes or up to an entire day.


These steps can be broken down into three categories:

  • Interest
  • Research
  • Conversion


When knowing your customer base

We have found the most cost effective advertising is re-marketing campaigns, which allow you to serve ads based on a visitors behavior on your website. This is an excellent way of reaching visitors who came to your site, showed some interest in your business, but left before completing an action.

The beauty of re-marketing PPC advertising is that you are targeting the user.

By integrating Google Analytics we can re-target users who visited your website in streams other then AdWords visits. This is a great way of combining SEO (search engine optimization) efforts or social marketing such as Instagram or Twitter adds with AdWords.

We understand the benefits of a well structured pay per click account and will always focus on a cost effective PPC advertising management service that features tightly grouped keywords.