What sets our social media agency
apart from the competition?


We provide great customer support and have an acclaimed step by step approach to social media marketing & management. We have discovered an amazingly simple way to establish a social network of groups and individuals.

Guaranteed network flows and searches consist of conversation, content publishing, content promotion, content curation and sharing through a variety of social methods.

We have an unbeatable way of maintaining the flows of communication via strategic and tactical content development, community engagement, search engine optimization and digital asset optimization.


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Intuitive & smart tools to monitor your brand name on social media

Here is an overview of what you can expect when working with us

Managing Search and Social

We will introduce search and social approaches merged together as core drivers for online business. Our social media manager will show you how to develop content which engages your audience.

Ramping up for a real time social marketing strategy

This includes a framework for developing your content and engagement strategy with search and social. Content is the foundation of a modern online social marketing approach.

Market strategy: Auditing, Assessment & Planing

We will dig deeper into the search and social approach for your business. We will research and consider where the content will reside for your new social media marketing landscape.

Social Network Platforms

We will layout a basic platform for social media sites in order to build networks for your social media strategy. We will focus on what you already have established in order to set a course for your approach to social media promotion.

Developing and engaging in real time communities

We will get started with engaging the community with your website. This will be through wiki’s, forums, Q&A sites, social bookmarking, reverse triggers, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram and Youtube.

Social media management

Here we will outline the key considerations of an audience outreach and cover tactics and strategies for engaging across a wide variety of social platforms. We will work on becoming a curator for the living keyword #hashtag languages of your audience.


Why does social media advertising matter?


social brands

Do you find you have no time to update all your social media advertising, share relevant content and are looking for an amazingly simple way to introduce your business to social media?

By establishing your own primary network you are providing a launch point for your business, in which your own content can begin a cascading effect of distribution across the internet. This is why a well thought out social media strategy is required for your search and social platforms in order to determine the amount of network influence you want to achieve.

The hubs of socially influenced networks tend to spread and disseminate their own messaging, and search engines and social communities reward them for it with a greater share of the conversation. This innovative concept can ultimately help you achieve your desired business goals.

What does a real social media marketing company look like?


You will be working with a company which understands that the world’s society is connected via networks and that businesses must also be connected in the same manner with their core audience and customers.





You should be looking for:

  • A company with proven results
  • A company with a large database of content for sharing related to your business theme (take a look at the 5:3:2 rule for social media)
  • Phone, email and & live chat support
  • Integrated services for multi-channel growth
  • Landing page and conversion optimization practices

How we will grow your business with social media advertising

When working with your organization we know that consumers create a personal representation of brands in their living rooms, restaurants, gathering places and on their phones.

Meaningful marketing metrics in Facebook depend on your organizations specific situation

We like to focus on 5 tactics for Facebook marketing to target more effectively. Organizational type, type of product or service that you sell, your marketing priorities and the resources you have available. Out team will find the main focus your business has on social media and the relationship you want to build with your customers. When getting to know each of your customers, decide if it will be cost prohibitive and what focus your business has on investment in social media.

Paid advertising on twitter works in a different way to traditional marketing

We have found you can participate in the conversation about your company, products and services, though you may not have absolute control over what gets said about them. The main priority for Twitter is to reply to your customers and talk about your product. We can reply and help you reach others through word of mouth.

Instagram Adds - Target specific companies and geographic regions

Instagram is a vertical which definitely works well. We have tested Instagram ads with fashion sites, food app’s and small business software to gain a high ROI for our clients. We have seen higher returns then Facebook for first time purchase users, average order price and overall it has a high retention rate for returning visitors. We experiment with multiple targeting options, ad copy, landing pages and CTA’s to perfect your ad performance.


Get in touch with our social media team
Grow your social media campaign
We respect your privacy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some questions that our social media manager has in his inbox

Is there a free trial and how long does a social media marketing campaign last?

We do not offer a free trial. Social media marketing can last for one month or one year depending on what your goals are. Before we start on a plan for your company we will get you to answer some questions on your social media desires and expectations.

What happens with my social media strategy content?

When we share content on your social media platforms from other people in related fields this will be scheduled. If there is anything you do not want posted we can remove the content. We follow this 5:3:2 social media rule to keep things fresh. If you would like us to write up content for promotion get in touch with our sales team.

When will the company charge my credit card?

For social media marketing services you will be charged at the start of each month. For social media spend we can add this cost to your invoice or work from within your established ad management account.

I have no time to update all of our social media platforms, is this included?

We can manage and update many of the main social platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Social media management is an added service related to social media marketing. You can discuss the details with our sales team.

Do you have tools to monitor brand names on all platforms with social media advertising?

We have specific tools dedicated to monitor your band name mentions and for tracking advertising spend on social media. We will send your company a report produced by our team at the end of each month.

Can you tell me the secrets to attract new followers on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and Youtube?

If we gave out our secrets we would not be able to sell our services. We encourage clients to get involved at the same time with posts and content curation. Our team can discuss content marketing and social post ideas with your business.

We can't think of exciting conversations to start on social media advertising

When you work with our social media manager they will inform you on the social media topics suited for your business.