How do you find the right web development team to increase business growth?


In our web development practice we address every stage of a company’s eBusiness transformation – from discovering and defining an appropriate Internet strategy to web enabling an existing business model.

The question remains, why shouldn’t your corporation have a reliable web design company with incredible support, satisfying communication and innovative software for rejuvenating relationships with your customers.

Not only do you need an online presence, but that presence must make it easy for your prospective clients to view your work and see that you can help them.



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Platforms we work with

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Template Development
Component Development
Plugin Development
Virtuemart Websites
Joomla SEO


Theme Development
WooCommerce Development
Plugin Development
Responsive Websites
Wordpress SEO


Template Development
Extension Development
Product Variation Setup
Magento Integrations
Magento SEO



A website can be one the most effective marketing tools you will ever use because it can help you expand your business in ways never seen before possible. It shows that you are up to date, gives you instant credibility and expands your market globally.




If you want your website to be an effective marketing tool, it must be designed with the needs of your clients and prospects in the forefront of your mind, it must convey the message “This is the website of a creative professional who can help you solve your business problems”.




Quality web standards and customer support are the core foundations of our business




With appetizing eCommerce and CMS platforms which extend beyond code. Our invaluable website development team has proven techniques with search engine optimization via the latest web standards.

Red Cedar provides a no-holds barrier to phenomenal web design and quality coding that captivates and draws in your audience.

Our primary goal is to increase the online visability of your products and services

Our web development packages will establish your company’s credibility in it's field of speciality. Through responsive design we will educate your sites visitors about your proven strategies, services and products.


What can an optimized website can do for your business?

First your website shows you are a legitimate business, while at the same time giving a taste of your work – though there is no need to show everything. We will build your website to highlight the kind of work you want by showing those samples.

Providing a way for visitors to give you their contact information can help you build a mailing list for future marketing efforts. Finally a website can help you weed out “bad” prospects who may not want to fill out a “request for estimate” form you have posted on the site.

There is a lot of “build it and they will come” hype about web sites, but this is simply not true. You may build it, but then it’s one of billions out there, with millions of sites added everyday. Talk about information overload!

That’s why it is our responsibility to drive traffic to your site. For more information take a look at our SEO, Content Marketing and Social Media Marketing service pages.


What to look for when working with an affordable web design company in Vancouver with years of experience on a global scale?
  1. Trailblazing support by phone, email & live chat
  2. Software that is constantly updated for security, evolving coding principles,
    added services and eCommerce


What sets us apart from the next Vancouver web design company?
  1. Great customer support
  2. Years of experience with a wide selection of web management systems
  3. A Unique experience with international companies in both eCommerce, online market places, SEO and website development