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Joomla! is a content management system. Using a CMS systems means that after your site is setup you or your business administration team can manage the site. Joomla arranges the content in an easily searching hierarchy, makes it searchable and provides an admin interface that needs little or no technical experience to update.

What makes Joomla! So popular? Joomla! has a large and loyal customer base and it is free! The community has created thousands of extensions, modules, components and plugins which are waiting for you to use. Some of these are commercial while others are free. Joomla web design Victoria has been working with Joomla! For over ten years and we understand that using this CMS involves a small learning curve for clients. The technical experience needed to manage your site is minimal compared to other CMS systems.

Hi! We like Joomla!

What are the advantages of using Joomla?

Search engine friendly URL's on Joomla!

All pages we create with Joomla! will be search engine friendly. Search engines like to see unique URL's that are easily readable with relevant keywords.

Search engine friendly Joomla! Templates

The most robust and modern Joomla! Templates are based on table-less responsive design. This allows search engine spiders to focus on the content rather then the code of your website.

All of our web site designs load quickly!

We like to use Google's AMP technology for blog posts. A new technology allowing pages to load instantly on all browsers.

Joomla Web Design Process and Website Maintenance


Joomla! provides a Intuitive interface design and content management panel with an easy to use WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) content manager.

Some inbuilt features you can expect with Joomla! include:

  • Rich formatting and Schema ready for Google search engine display
  • Thousands of free and commercial templates ready for your businesses
  • Search engine friendly data output
  • Schedule publishing for blogs and content which can be restricted to certain user groups
  • eCommerce read with Virtuemart
  • Supports PHP, XML and MySQL


When using Joomla! as a web page builder for your company we can setup a specific article management system. Articles can be published automatically at a later date and integrated with a few modules for further functionality. These include:

  • Newsflash displays
  • Joomla! Business Directories
  • Paid content plugins
  • eCommerce stores
  • Related articles
  • Categories, Banners and Custom HTML
  • Multiple languages
  • Multiple menu items
  • RSS Syndicate feeds
  • Social media integration



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Frequently Asked Questions

Some questions that have been emailed to our Joomla support team

Are Joomla! templates search engine friendly?

We will create a fast loading responsive theme for your business. Responsive basically means that it works on all devices including tablet, PC and mobile. This type of theme is SEO friendly and has no restrictions on when or how a customer browses your website.

Do you offer a monthly maintenance package?

We can manage the updates of your website on a monthly schedule. If you prefer to learn on your own there are many free resources to help you with making the changes needed. The official Joomla! wiki is a site which is constantly bing updated with new information as the Joomla! CMS system is updated with new releases. It is a great resource if you are beginner. -

Is the Joomla! basic package ready for Search Engines like Google?

The latest Joomla! packages are always search engine ready. We like to avoid to much flash content or large image files, we know that content and text which is well written and researched is the best way to optimize your website. All of our webpage designs give a clear direction with breadcrumbs and an easy navigation structure. Sitemaps are implements with all of our websites to give Google an easy way to update your website's search engine listings.

Can i use coupon codes on my Joomla! Website?

Yes. If you have Virtuemart installed we can configure coupon codes your customers can use when they checkout.

How can I make my Joomla! website pages search engine friendly?

A search engine friendly website involves setting up a fast loading site, installing Google Analytics and Google Web Master tools, submitting a sitemap, providing high traffic keyword research and updating meta descriptions and title tags. The new world of SEO is also integrated with social media marketing. You can get in contact with us about a complete plan to launch your new business with targeted relevant traffic to really get the most out of your new Joomla! website.

Do you have a Joomla! web design portfolio?

We do have a large client base of people using Joomla! If you would like an example of our work you can get in contact with our support team.

Can i create a business link directory with Joomla?

Yes this is totally possible with components like Sobi2. We have a few options to compare when it comes to creating an SEO friendly link directory. Joomla! may not be best the best option based on the size of your database of listings. Get in contact with our sales team and we can suggest the best option for your business.