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Windows 10 Error 0x800704c7

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If you’ve encountered the Windows 10 error 0x800704c7, you’re not alone. It is one of the most common Windows Update errors that affect Windows user experience.

When you encounter error 0x800704c7 in Windows 10, you’ll be unable to install the particular Windows Update for your system. This would mean that you’ll be unable to resolve Windows 10 operating system bugs or even patch critical system flaws that are affecting your system’s performance.

So, what is the Windows 10 error 0x800704c7, and what causes it to occur? Many users also ask if they can fix Windows 10 error 0x800704c7. We have all the answers here.

What is Windows 10 Error 0x800704c7?

Simply put, the Windows 10 error 0x800704c7 is a Windows Update error. Many users typically encounter error 0x800704c7 during system updates when using the Windows Update function. However, during your routine PC usage, it can also occur with other applications. For example, some users have encountered it when using Chrome or File Explorer.

Error 0x800704c7 can prevent your Windows system from getting important Windows Updates. This may also affect your system performance.

Although error 0x800704c7 is predominantly linked to Windows 10, it can also occur on previous Windows versions such as:

  • Windows 8 and 8.1
  • Windows 7

What Are The Symptoms of Error 0x800704c7?

When it occurs during Windows Update, you will receive a message like this:

“There were problems installing some updates, but we’ll try again later. If you keep seeing this and want to search the web or contact support for information, this may help Feature Update to Windows 10 version XXXX – Error 0x800704c7.”

Note: XXXX represents a number, for instance: 1709

The symptoms of error 0x800704c7 can include the following:

  • Inability to install the particular Window Updates version given in the error code
  • Inability to upgrade your Windows operating system to a newer version
  • The message box that shows error code 0x800704c7
Upgrade Windows

However, these symptoms may differ depending on where the error occurred specifically or why it occurred. Besides, you may also encounter this error when you’re undertaking your routine PC tasks.

For instance, File transfer or browsing using Chrome, which may also affect the symptoms you see.

How Do I Fix Windows 10 Error 0x800704c7?

There are several fixes that can help you solve Windows 10 error 0x800704c7. Before you begin technical fixes, you can try out some workarounds like restarting your system, temporarily disabling your antivirus program, waiting out the Window Update to carry out successfully, and checking your network stability.

These workarounds could help solve the problem if it was a mere computer dysfunction.
However, if a technical error caused the Windows 10 Error 0x800704c7 in the computer, you may need to apply technical solutions.

You do not have to carry out all these fixes. You can try using one fix at a time until you find the one that works for you. You can get a detailed guideline on fixing error 0x800704c7 here.

Some of the solutions to help fix error 0x800704c7 include:

  1. Repair missing or corrupted system files using SFC scan
  2. Run DISM Utility tool to fix system files
  3. Update the Windows manually by downloading the recent KB directly from the Microsoft Update catalog
  4. Update your system with Media Creation Tool (MCT)
  5. Perform a system restore.
Media Creation Tool

What Causes Windows 10 Error 0x800704c7?

Error 0x800704c7 usually occurs due to poor system maintenance resulting in outdated, missing, or corrupted files. Sometimes, it can also be caused by background processes in your system that are conflicting with the Windows Update causing you to be unable to get the latest updates.

It may also occur because of malicious programs within your system, affecting the system’s performance. Some users also noted that incorrectly configured system settings and irregular registry entries could cause error 0x800704c7.

If you face any other Windows Update issues like error 0x80070020 or error 0x80070017, we recommend you undertake the same steps.

Final Word

Some solutions that can fix error 0x800704c7 include using Windows utility tools to scan for missing or corrupted systems files. These tools can also correct other PC issues inherent within your Windows system.

Windows users typically face some issues on their PC. It is vital to have easy, step by step instructions at hand: in Outbyte blog you can find dozens of system issue descriptions as well as in-depth studies on how to solve them.


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