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Windows 10 Error Code 0x80070020

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While the Windows Update process should be smooth, sometimes you may encounter Windows 10 Error code 0x80070020 when installing Windows Updates. This is a common error and a big concern to many Windows users.

Sometimes, you can also encounter error code 0x80070020 during the download of specific Windows Updates. In this case, it can prevent you from installing major Windows Updates or upgrading to the latest Windows version.

What happens when a given Windows Update prevents you from installing a crucial Windows Update or a new version of Windows 10?

If you’ve encountered error code 0x80070020 and you are wondering why it occurs or even how to fix it, here is everything you need to know.

What Is Error 0x80070020?

You’ll usually encounter Error Code 0x80070020 when you’re trying to download crucial Windows Updates from the Windows Update Website. Sometimes you can encounter an error when you’re upgrading your Windows operating system to Windows 10.

Once error 0x80070020 occurs, you will experience a malfunction of update installs. The Windows Update download may abort, or installation can stop abruptly. You may then see a display of the following error message:

“An error (-5006: 0x80070020) has occurred while running the setup.”


“The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process: error 0x80070020.”

Note: Error 0x80070020 rarely gives reasons why it occurred, and it is often challenging to find out the reason.

How Can I Fix Windows 10 Error 0x80070020?

Annoying as it can be, you can fix the Windows Update Error Code 0x80070020 and continue with your Windows updates successfully.

Your first point of action should be to run the Windows Update troubleshooter to help identify and fix the update problems automatically. Error code 0x80070017 or any other Windows update issues could also be fixed in the same way.

If you’re using a third-party security program on your PC, you may want to change its settings and see if that helps stop the error.

Windows troubleshoot

Alternatively, you can consider completely disabling the antivirus to solve this problem. If you’re using Windows 10, disabling the antivirus will not put your PC in danger because Windows 10 has a built-in Windows Defender for PC protection. You can get a detailed, step-by-step guide for fixing error code 0x80070020 here.

If the BITS process is corrupt and causing update problems, restarting, BITS can make Windows Update run properly again. In addition, resetting Windows Update services can help reset all the services that support Windows Updates. You can also consider using SFC and DISM scans to identify, repair, or fix the missing or corrupted files in your system. Do the same thing to get rid of the annoying application error 0xc000012d.

Why Does Error 0x80070020 Occur?

There is no single cause of error 0x80070020. In most cases, it is related to conflicts between apps or incompatibility with other applications in the system. An unstable internet connection is a key factor in halting or preventing Windows Updates.

This error most likely occurs when there is another automatic Windows Update running, for instance, if your antivirus is scanning in real-time. Third-party antivirus programs installed on your computer can cause error 0x80070020 and more. If, for instance, you’re scheduled for the automatic update during the AV’s real-time scanning, you’re likely to encounter a malfunction in Windows 10.

antivirus scan

Sometimes antivirus scan can also help to solve application error (0xc000012d), not only Windows update errors.

Background Intelligent Transfer Service (BITS) corruption

The Background Intelligent Transfer Service (BITS) is a crucial Windows process for delivering updates to your PC. If it gets corrupt, you’re likely to have problems receiving new Windows Updates. Since Windows Update relies on various services, if the Windows Update Services has issues, you may have problems with your Windows Updates. Sometimes, if there is already a pending Windows Update installation, you may not be able to install the new update before you either install the pending update or get rid of it.

Nevertheless, it is worth noting that if the temporary files folder or Windows cache is full, The Windows operating system becomes prone to errors. This is also one of the key causes of error 0x80070020.

Final Words

If you’re trying to fix Error Code 0x80070020, you’re free to use manual repair solutions. If you’re not sure about any procedure, you need to let a technician or Windows professional work on it and give you a solution to avoid damaging your PC. Apart from error 0x80070020 there are several other windows issues – in Outbyte blog you can find many detailed instructions of Windows update errors, application errors and fixes and much more.

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