how to find my WIX website on Google?

How to find my WIX website on Google?

Our clients pressing question. Why is my WIX website not working?

What they really meant:

Why does my website not show up in google search?

After we were initially contacted about this issue, we had provided the initial keyword research and segmented each keyword section into groups. The client was blogging on a weekly basis and we had optimized all pages for each keyword related to the business.

Google Webmaster Tools had been installed and still, we discovered no results in the search engines picking up pages for certain keywords.


WIX Google Analytics

We had copied the clients Google Analytics tracking code and installed it into the WIX marketing integration section, we followed all of the steps to ensure organic traffic could be tracked.

We had the same questions from our client each week.

Why does my website not show up in google search?

How to find my WIX website on google?

Why can’t i find my WIX website on google search?

Is Google not indexing WIX? This was the question our team was facing and we had to implement all of our SEO test features to find out if this was the case.

We started working on the following:


WIX Google crawl


Google search console error WIX


By installing Google Webmaster Tools you can check to see if there are any Google crawl errors. We checked the console and there were no crawling issues from the Google bots and the Robots.txt file was fairly accurate and allowed the landing pages to be processed by the Google search robots. We had come to the conclusion there was no WIX Google indexing error and we found that WIX Google indexing header information was accurate and set in place.


WIX Google indexing images


robots txt file WIX


By checking the crawl status on Google Webmaster Tools we found that it had some higher then average crawl status issues on file sizes. It seemed the images were being indexed but nowhere to be found on the image search results on Google.

We had set all tags on all images and optimized them for resolution and file size.


WIX Google indexing issues

When working with a platform like WIX we knew that it was more confined then running a WordPress website on optimized hosting. We we’re starting to think that a WIX website would not be indexed as well as a WordPress website.


WIX Google indexing questions

We had questions about this, why would a WIX website with SEO optimized landing pages, high quality content and unique images not be indexed as well as a WordPress or Joomla website on evenly distributed resourced hosting. We assumed that each WIX website was on the same IP address as 10,000 other websites with oversold resources.

If a small percentage of those free WIX websites were low quality spam sites it may effect the indexing of other customers websites. There may also be some issues with how Google indexes each WIX website. We had no control over their system so we suggested to the client to make a switch to WordPress.

WIX promises 100% convenience with built-in tools for DIY website owners (and they meet that promise) – but they have a few drawbacks for professional developers.


WIX’s technical limitations for advanced marketing tools

WIX does have many plugins you can install for business owners – everything from email marketing, contact forms, appointment software and eCommerce.

The hard task for us as developers is when features are requested by the client, if it is not available on WIX – adding any additional code to the site is pretty much impossible. Adding tracking pixels, retargeting tools, custom share java script buttons, custom email collection popups and other conversion optimization code is either not available as a plugin or not possible to implement.


Getting our client ready for a successful online business

success in business


Thanks to low cost website builders such as Weebly and Wix you no longer need information technology professionals to create your online business.

Anyone can do it.

But theres a catch.

Everyone is doing the same thing and you wont succeed and scale your growth online without an optimized web hosting solution.


  1. This post will give you the researched facts, we will walk you through the basics from migration to optimization.
  2. We will give you free more advanced tips on how to scale up a basic site to a more sophisticated online presence
  3. To conclude your migration, you will learn how to use powerful measurement tools such as Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools to see where your website stands in Google search results


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Moving the client to WordPress and a new hosting company

website migration tool

In this case, the move would be quite easy, the site was under 50 pages and there was not any functionality that could not be replicated on WordPress. We started to do some research on the best WP hosting option that could bring in the best results in the shortest amount of time.


Bottom line?

We needed to find a highly optimized WordPress hosting solution that offered free SSL, a content delivery network, amazing support and daily backups.



Search engine optimization and web hosting

SEO hosting

Paying a bit more for high quality web hosting.

Why does this matter?

Having a hosting solution that is made for WordPress is a dream come true. If you can afford a little extra per month you will find some quick wins instantly.

Your first step is to take stock, review the goals for your website and briefly map out how you want to tackle your website hosting production. There is no need for a voluminous plan, just simply sit down with your key employees and sketch out the major steps you need to make this happen.


5 Essential steps from creating a successful online roadmap

  1. Designate a person to be in charge of your WordPress operation, even if it is on or a full time basis.
  2. Find a hosting solution which will allow you to scale up as you grow
  3. Discuss you with your employees what modifications you may need to make to your business processes with your new setup.
  4. Estimate your migration costs and time needed to complete the process.



Kinsta vs WP Engine


Kinsta Website

WP Engine Website

We had previously used WP Engine before for one of our clients and had found there services to be highly optimized and easy to use. We thought would look into this a bit further to find the best solution for our client.

The selling point for us is that Kinsta used the Google Cloud network for their server network.

Why does this matter?

Lets take a look at the hard facts.

Kinsta is building a better hosting platform with the Google cloud platform.

Google cloud Kinsta case study


According to the Kinsta Cloud Google Case Study we found them to be a more reliable hosting solution for WordPress.

The superior performance and flexible pricing of Google Cloud Platform helped Kinsta cut costs compared with its previous infrastructure provider. Meanwhile, thanks to the stability and reliability of GCP, Kinsta customers have benefited from a smoother service that can handle high levels of traffic. – Google Cloud Hosting Kinsta Case Study


Kinsta is optimized for WooCommerce

WooCommerce can demand a larger amount of server resources and cache data. By default Kinsta is optimized for cache in that some pages that don’t need to be cached wont, their setup also by-passes some cookies to ensure an optimized checkout feature for customers running this eCommerce plugin.


Kinsta is optimized for high traffic and concurrent users


website speed vs website revenue


The team from Kinsta conducted a test for high traffic websites on both platforms. There was a significant increase in response time which continued to slowly increase with errors and timeouts after around the 5 second mark with WP Engine. Keep in mind this is for websites which were receiving 5000 or more real time users on a WordPress landing page at any given time.


It’s the best hosting solution for photo centered and media rich WordPress websites

We have 3 clients where their websites are photo-centric. High quality photo websites will take up a ton of space on your server, if your website is popular it will increase the bandwidth consumption, an un-optimized hosting solution can dramatically slow down a site. In fact, until we switched our clients over to Kinsta, we continuously had issues with these sites loading slow when images started going viral on social media. Even with the bulk of our images being hosted on Amazon AWS, we still had issues and found a new solution with Kinsta.

Since migrating to Kinsta, we have placed all of the clients images on their server (we are talking about over 100,000 images with high traffic) and the sites continue to load extremely fast.

The best thing about being hosted on Google is their network is number one.

It is the opposite of the “budget pay nothing get unlimited everything” which has been mentioned many times before.


You can review Kinsta’s services here



Feature comparison overview – Kinsta VS WP Engine

We knew that both providers would charge you if you went over your visitor limit. When we work on a website and content promotion, sometimes things go viral and you can’t control this.

Kinsta would bill you $1 for every 1000 users over your plans limit, while WP Engine charges $2 for every additional 1000 visits to your website. This may or may not happen for our client, though planning for unplanned traffic spikes is something all digital marketing companies should visualize in their clients future growth.

WPEngine, despite being a great hosting platform, does overcharge for on traffic allowance.

Even though Kinsta is a highly optimized WordPress hosting solution, they are not for every kind of customer. For anyone who is building a new website without expecting to much in return and are not looking to compromise on hosting quality in order to save some money, Kinsta is definitely not for them.

WPEngine is still an optimized secure WordPress hosting solution and we have clients who are hosted with them with no issues. They do offer some deals to save you some money and we have a coupon code you can use to get 20% off your first month.


You can sign up to WP Engine here if you prefer their services.


Kinsta VS WP Engine Comparison Table


Kinsta WP Engine
Uptime Monitoring All plans
GeoIP All plans $15.00/month extra
Multisite Support ro plans and higher $40.00/month extra
Performance Analytics All plans Expensive plans only
Custom SSL Certificates All plans Expensive plans only
Switch PHP Engine One-click change in dashboard Requires manual server move
PHP Versions PHP 5.6, 7, 7.1, 7.2 PHP 5.6, 7
Free Migrations Pro plans and higher
CDN POPs 33 (All regions) 19
Container Technology 100% resource isolation on all plans Shared or Dedicated
Global Data Centers 17 locations 3 locations
SSH Access Business plans and higher
Network Low-latency and redundant GCP network on all plans Varies per provider
Core Infrastructure (GCP) Same across all plans Varies per plan
Plan Tiers 8 5
Additional Backups
Cloudflare Railgun Add-on
Redis Add-on
Multilingual Dashboard English and Spanish
Pricing Plans start at $30/month Plans start at $35/month



Kinsta migration guide


We knew that the Kinsta migration plan was free, where WP Engine charged for this service. We made contact in regards to moving over the data from a WIX site and we’re provided with prompt customer support. Our clients data and images were transferred over. SEO redirects were also taken care of so we had no issues with 404 errors in Google search results. If you need Kinsta migration help they provide the service for free, read about their free WordPress migrations services.

If you find the Kinsta migration not working in your development setup just contact the migration support team and they will make it happen. We have had numerous Kinsta migration questions with our WordPress custom coded sites and the migration team handled the transfer smoothly.


How do I migrate my WordPress website from GoDaddy or Bluehost to Kinsta?


If you already have a WordPress website on any hosting environment such as a shared host, VPS or dedicated server you can easily migrate it using the Kinsta migration tool here if you want to do it yourself.

Free WordPress migration plugin

Unless you’re a developer with a ton of extra time on your hands and you love transferring websites (which is usually not the case), it’s much easier to let the Kinsta migration service team take care of everything for you. Moving your site to Kinsta will ot have any downtime and they will inspect your sites files and redirects to ensure everything is working correctly.

Our experience with the support by the Kinsta team is top notch as each migration situation is always different, they will work hard to get you to where you need to be. Even if you are using external SSL certificates, Cloudflare or Amazon AWS they will take care of it all.


Kinsta with the modern web developer in mind

Kinsta is developer friendly, they allow for SSH access, Git and provide Bedrock and Trellis support on all starter themes.

Our developers needed a hosting platform with an easy to use staging environment which would allow easy push changes from staging to production. The SSH feature on Kinsta was the added feature we needed that WP Engine did not provide.


Different versions of PHP for staging websites on WordPress

This is needed for our developers staging server. Some of the latest plugins for WordPress require different versions of PHP to function correctly. We needed to easily switch between PHP versions before we launched our site to live status. This is a feature our team agreed that was essential when choosing a WordPress hosting solution.


Trellis for WordPress / Trellis Development

Trellis for WordPress

Why use Kinsta over a Trellis provisioned VPS? Because sometimes you want to pay someone else to manage the server instead of doing it yourself (especially if you have a lot of clients). Kinsta also makes scaling easier without having to deal with multiple servers, load balancers, and cloud uploads.


Bedrock WordPress

Bedrock for WordPress

A lot of WordPress hosts aren’t very developer friendly and don’t offer SSH access and Composer or WP-CLI integration which are requirements to use Trellis and Bedrock. Thankfully, Kinsta’s business plans do offer these features which makes all this possible.



Optimization tips after your Kinsta migration service is completed


Installing a CDN for your WordPress website

A content delivery network (CDN) is set of connected servers which makes your content load faster. The main benefits of a CDN includes faster performance, increased reliability and scalability. By enabling a CDN for your WordPress site you allow your site to be accessed faster by more users internationally.

To turn on the CDN network for your WordPress website navigate to the CDN menu item in your Kinsta hosting setup and follow the steps.

If you need more help you can follow the CDN setup for WordPress tutorial here

kinsta cdn settings


Create daily backups for WordPress

Kinsta will automatically create daily backups of your website and store them on the cloud. This is beneficial when you are updating plugins or theme files and your site stops working. You can easily restore the backup of your website from the Kinsta hosting console.


Install a free SSL certificate for your WordPress website

You can do this through your Kinsta website hosting panel. Once you have setup your domain, navigate to the SSL menu item and tick Lets encrypt SSL certificate for your domain name.

All sites will soon need to have SSL certificate on them or they will be flagged as a threat on major browsers.

Navigate to your Kinsta SSL menu and setup your SSL certificate. For information you can follow the setting up a free SSL certificate for WordPress tutorial here.

Lets encrypt certificate kinsta


https credentials kinsta


If you are still having issues you can follow this more in the mixed SSL error fix up guide.


Improving the speed of your WordPress Website

Navigate to to this page and download the Kinsta WordPress cache plugin

This enables automatic clearing of cache on important parts of your site when you make page and post content updates. It is an optimization WordPress plugin for speed.

Go through the settings and optimize when you can.

You can also read this guide to give you some more optimization tips.

A Beginner’s Guide to Website Speed Optimization



How do you improve your rankings with mobile-first indexing?

People are increasingly browsing websites and shopping online with mobile phones and tablets. Be sure to offer a simplified mobile version of your website either with responsive design or a redirected mobile template.

Google now ranks websites with a mobile first approach

What are mobile first rankings in Google?

This is exactly what it sounds like, Google now ranks your website from a mobile perspective first then updates your desktop rankings. The mobile version of your website is now the starting point and predictor for how your website will rank.

Be sure to update your websites coding to include mobile friendly content, structured data, meta data, hreflags and search console verification.

You can read this guide:

Preparing Your WordPress Site for the Google Mobile-First Index

If you require outside help, contact our WordPress web design team experts familiar with mobile sites.



Measure and optimize

Measurement tools are what can make a website so uniquely powerful.

They provide extraordinary amounts of instant data for your online efforts so you can tell what works and what doesn’t, so you can continuously optimize and improve your results.

Bottom line?

These tools give you highly detailed information about who your web visitors are and how they found you and what they did while they were on your website.

Optimization is the name of the game. You need to continuously track your visitors.

You need to always be measuring, analyzing the data and tweaking what you do.



Google Analytics for WordPress

Login to Google and create a new website property. If you would like more information you can follow this in depth guide:

How to add Google Analytics to WordPress (The ultimate guide)


The Result

After updating our clients websites hosting to an optimized provider and tweaking the settings we have increase organic rankings steadily through the year and as traffic has increased the overall performance and speed of the website has not been effected. We have the assurance of a fast loading site no matter how much traffic we produce for our client through our online marketing efforts.



Achieving online success takes commitment and work, but it is important to make the effort to create a strong optimized hosting solution.

Small companies can now compete with much larger competitors with the right website setup and a dedicated development team that knows what works through the experience from trial and error.

The trick is to take small steps, test carefully and monitor your results.

Learn from your mistakes, improve your clients websites slowly and fine tune your hosting to provide the best results, don’t compromise on price.

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